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  NewKinetix Re
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NewKinetix Re
Date Posted: 09-20-11
Posted By: bmw
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I bought the NewKinetix Re' to control a Samsung Plasma TV, Pioneer DVD Player, Apple TV2 and various other pieces of audio kit. The device recognised all of my devices from the inbuilt component library. I found that it had assigned additional controls for my TV which are not available on the original remote which was excellent and a real surprise.

Having used it with an Ipad, and Iphone 4 and an Iphone 3GS I can report it works well with all of them. There are 2 ways to make sure your devices are in sync. You can use the bump feature to transfer settings or you can email them to yourself. Just click the link in the email to load the new settings into your setup.

On the negative side the controls can be a little fiddly to operate on an Iphone screen. You can of course move the buttons further apart on the screen to give yourself more room but then you will have to scroll up and down the screen to access buttons that are offscreen. Scrolling can be a little bit temperamental at times. I did this at first but as I got used to it I became more accurate and so squashed the buttons together again to get more on screen. If your using an Ipad then this problem goes away. My understanding is that the Re' automatically adjusts itself to take advantage of the Ipad's screen size and does not just make the buttons larger - screen resolutions on all devices is taken advantage of.

On the positive side it does do what it says on the box. It allows you to control infrared equipment with your Iphone etc. In my setup it has replaced a plethora of remote controls and my wife who just wants things to work loves it. If you like to fiddle a bit more then the possibilities are quite endless, especially if you like chaining commands together in macros. I have managed to get it to do things with one keypress that would have taken multiple remotes and multiple keypresses. When you nail the macro right it just brings the biggest smile to your face.

It is also a learning remote so if your device is not included in the library then its quite simple to teach it new codes. Unlike my other universal remotes there does not seem to be any limit to how many buttons it can learn.

One tip, if you spend a lot of time working on the perfect setup, make sure you exit and shut down the app every few minutes. This makes sure that your hard work is saved. I crashed the app one time and lost quite a bit of work. However when I read this tip on their forum it has not been a problem since. Incidentaly - the New Kinetix team has been extremely responsive and knows their stuff - I get a response within minutes of sending a question and they actually return phone calls if you ask them - very nice company to deal with.

If you want a very powerful learning remote with unlimited macro ability, this one is well worth a try. I say this having owned several one4all remotes and a Phillips Pronto which was very expensive. This is better than any of them. I have no hesitation recommended this to anyone - it works well.

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