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  New IPAD 3 (or is it the Ipad HD) ?
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New IPAD 3 (or is it the Ipad HD) ?
Date Posted: 03-12-12
Posted By: rpbiggs
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Apple’s new iPad 3 is apparently selling out pre-orders, I wonder if the product warrants the hype?

Selling out pre-order stock means more customers want to buy a device despite the lack of reviews - this is incredible, however I'm unsure who puts out the rumour or whether it is based on actual facts? By what I can gleam from online searches - there are multiple reports that confirm that Apple’s iPad 3/ New Ipad or Ipad HD (whatever it is called) pre-order stock has dried up.

The much-anticipated tablet computer with the “Retina Screen,” 5-megapixel camera and dual-core CPU with quad-core graphics is reportedly set to attract 1 million buyers for the first few days of it in the market according to one analyst, and it looks like the pre-orders number agree. Wow - that's some 1/2 Billion dollars in rev in a day or two - hmm Apple should be pleased.

By what I read (if accurate), then the iPad 3 will grab the “most successful launch” title, beating the iPad 2 and the original iPad’s record, aside from challenging the record of the iPhone 4S last year. Supporting reports also say that all iPad 3 stock (for pre-orders) has been sold, and the early birds will get their device beginning on March 19 while others are expected to wait for additional three weeks.

Although Apple's latest wonder may turn some heads, the new iPad isn't radically different from last year's model in my humble opinion. However, if you don't already own a tablet computer, and want one, then the new iPad will be tough to resist - if you can afford it. The device, which goes on sale March 16 in the U.S., Canada and 10 other countries, will sell for US$499 to $829. If you want to save some money, consider the iPad 2, which Apple will continue making and sell for as low as $399.

The new iPad's alluring screen quality provides the main attraction. A higher-resolution screen called "Retina Display" makes everything - from holiday snaps to the text on a website - look crisper. By Apple's calculations, the new iPad offers four times the resolution of its predecessor.

For that reason, you're more likely to buy the new iPad if you are a shutterbug, a video game addict or someone who enjoys watching movies on a smaller but incredibly detailed screen.

Apple thinks I should be amazed by the experience of watching a video on the new Ipad, given that the new iPad can accommodate about a million more pixels than even the best HDTVs currently on the market. Video games should look even more realistic, thanks in part to the quad-core graphics chips in the new iPad. hmm - do I really want to do this and pay about the same as a 50 inch wizbang TV?

On the down side, will an old video on YouTube look even grainer on the iPad's higher-resolution screen? While the imagery can be quite mesmerizing, I am not convinced it's a compelling enough reason for most people to replace one iPad for another.

So 'nice to have but not a necessity to have'. My Samsung phone keeps getting a larger screen and its a lot cheaper than an Ipad - I wonder how long I'll have to wait until I'm trying to stuff a 10 inch phone into my back pocket?

Reply Nr. 1 - Posted: 06-24-12 12:18 PM   -   J TORRALBA rated it 3 of 5.

New IPAD 3 (or is it the Ipad HD) ?
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Over rated item. An android tablet for the same price will give you much more flexibility and better performance. Granted the iPad has a superior display but that will change as the Android tablets add better displays.


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