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Popflash Photo - Photo & Electronics
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Popflash Photo
2767 Baywater Place
United States

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Located in Thousand Oaks, California, PopFlash.Photo his owned and operated by Tony Rose. PopFlash.Photo is a Leica USA authorized dealer. We have access to all other USA and international photo equipment. Tony has been in the retail photographic industry since 1969 and has full knowledge of all photographic equipment with an emphasis on Leica and Hasselblad brands. Tony's reputation has always been based on customer service and at PopFlash.Photo we maintain that philosophy with our motto "questions and answers are always free".

Average Rating by Members 5.0
biogon 44 05-9-14 7:40 PM   Rated 5    
This is a very good company. I have met Tony in the past; he is honest, reliable, and has great prices. It has always been a pleasure to buy any product from him. I recommend him wholeheartedly.
breiva 01-14-13 12:15 PM   Rated 5    
I have used Popflash regularly over the last few years. My purchases have ranged from expensive Leica lenses to everyday purchases of filters, memory cards etc. I have probably never come across such a perfect seller of any goods in the past. They have simply been perfect. The salesperson AB has attended to all my needs in the best possible way.
martin 09-11-12 3:18 PM   Rated 5    
Bravisimo ! Tony is simply the best to deal with. I would not buy from anyone else.

Love my M9 !
bmw 11-18-11 11:31 AM   0    
Quick update.

I had a problem with a lens that was till under warranty. called them up, they sent me a new one and i sent them the defective one. Within 24hours, I was up and running with the best warranty service I have ever encountered!
J TORRALBA 09-9-11 4:21 PM   Rated 5    
You folks that know me, know that I am into photography big time. If you are looking for the best and most reliable camera store on the net, don't look any further than popflash. I have been buying from them for many years and I have never been disappointed. The customer service is top notch, the selection of equipment is the best there is. Also, the pricing is competitive. Call and talk to Tony for an awesome deal! From consumer cameras to the highest quality you will find it at popflash.
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